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School, work, family, social — life in general, can be really really stressful at times. Try to always keep the following in mind. Always. 

1.Live by your values, whatever they are. You confuse people when you don’t, because they can’t predict how you’ll behave

2. Speak up! No one can “hear” what you’re thinking without you be willing to stand up for it. Mind-reading is something most people can’t do.

3.Honor your own good word, and keep the promises you make. If not, people eventually stop believing most of what you say, and your words will no longer work for you.

4. When you ask for more responsibility, expect to be held fully accountable. This is what seizing ownership of something is all about; it’s usually an all or nothing kind of thing, and so you’ve got to treat it that way.

5.Don’t expect people to trust you if you aren’t willing to be trustworthy for them first and foremost. Trust is an outcome of fulfilled expectations.

6.. Be more productive by creating good habits and rejecting bad ones. Good habits corral your energies into a momentum-building rhythm for you; bad habits sap your energies and drain you.

7. Have a good work ethic, for it seems to be getting rare today. Curious, for those “old-fashioned” values like dependability, timeliness, professionalism and diligence are prized more than ever before. Be action-oriented. Seek to make things work. Be willing to do what it takes.

8. Be interesting. Read voraciously, and listen to learn, then teach and share everything you know. No one owes you their attention; you have to earn it and keep attracting it.

9. Be nice. Be courteous, polite and respectful. Be considerate. Manners still count for an awful lot in life, and thank goodness they do.

10. Be self-disciplined. That’s what adults are supposed to “grow up” to be

11. Don’t be a victim or a martyr. You always have a choice, so don’t shy from it: Choose and choose without regret. Look forward and be enthusiastic.

12. Keep healthy and take care of yourself. Exercise your mind, body and spirit so you can be someone people count on, and so you can live expansively and with abundance.

Posted on July 21, 2014 by Nina ♥

Another one of those "I can’t even believe this happened" moments. Seriously, I still cannot absorb the fact that I watched Ed Sheeran LIVE. Can we just please take a moment…….ED. SHEERAN. FOR REAL. 

We all know that one direction is first and foremost on my concert list ( i moved to this country for that, geez) After them is Ed Sheeran. I knew I was going to see him one day (being the dedicated soul that I am) but I had no idea it was going to be during this term break. Truly, great things come when you least expect them. When I found out that he was coming here for a show sponsored by iheartradio and 2degrees,  I was prepared to do anything to get my hands on those tickets. And then it happened!!! When I received an email telling me that I was finally going to Ed’s show, to the moment the show ended- I was just like “this is absolutely crazy” and it was so crazy - surreal type of crazy. The I cannot even type of crazy. 



I seem to have a thing for last minute tickets. I got my ticket’s to see one direction tickets hours before, lady gaga - minutes and believe it or not, I found out that I was going to Ed Sheeran’s show the night before - and got the tickets an hour before gates opened. My friend Liv came with me. It was a general admission event, so to get good seats, I planned to start queuing at 9 am hahaha! Okay- it might sound outrageous, but come on, ITS ED SHEERAN! I would’ve  camped out if I had to! 


Just look at my super duper excited smile! 


And after hours of anticipation, queuing and suffering from pre concert anxiety, He finally came out. . I think My heart stopped for a while there. Prior the show, Liv asked me who my favorite ginger was- and I said “Rupert Grint closely followed by Ed sheeran” But when he came out and started singing I was like "whoops sorry Rupert grint you’ve been demoted" hahaha!

Seriously though, Ed Sheeran is just so so lovely!!!!!!!! I haven’t met him, but I sense that he really is one of the nicest and most down to earth artists. You may think that I only like Ed because he is tied closely to one direction- but thats not the reason behind my edsession.     I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran because creates substantial, honest and REAL music. People who don’t know Ed perceive him as just another guy with a guitar- but to me he’s much much more than that. I think that despite immense number of artists and different types of music, the industry still lacks sounds with sense, and that’s what makes Ed Sheeran special. He writes songs based on true people, experiences and what he really feels - and he delivers it so wholeheartedly so I never fail to capture the meaning behind his lyrics.


Throughout the entire show I just felt so calm, relaxed and happy. I literally just sat there, closed my eyes and listened to him sing, like I normally would every day through my earphones, but this time it was for real. Ed sheeran’s music is just…Ahhh! Such a talented guy! 

He performed songs from + and some songs from x. I was in tears when he sang A team. Its such a beautiful song, and to hear him sing it live is just euphoric. I cannot wait for multiply to come out on June 20! Its gonna be amazing! (and there’s a song entitled Nina!!!) 




*fangirl grin* 



Another dream of mine has come to life and I can’t even express my gratitude and happiness. Thank you so much to 2degrees and iheartradio for making this happen! From now on, every time I listed to Ed sheeran on my iPod, Id think back to the moment when I first witnessed him sing live. Ed Sheeran, I think I love you (even)  better now. 

Posted on May 03, 2014 by Nina ♥

Knowing myself, there is a very small chance that I’d actually go out and pay more than 2 dollars for a cone/cup of ice cream. I mean, you can buy a sundae cone at a fast food for just a dollar - or a whole gallon for under 10, so - why splurge?! Here’s where it gets interesting. Lately I’ve been happily splurging on something- Giapo’s gelato. Whats the difference between ice cream and gelato, you ask? Nothing much.Gelato is an italian term for ice cream. (derived from the Latin word “gelātus” meaning frozen) Trust me when I say that Giapo isn’t just your plain, average, overrated gelato- As l like to say, it’s God speaking through us through ice cream cones.  

The genius behind Giapo is Gianpaolo Grazioli, a self-taught ice cream maker with strong passion for innovation and discovery. Opened in 2008, Giapo specializes in inventive ice cream which expresses natural creativity combined with the love for exceptional food –  evident in their range of unique and delicious flavors, which are, without a doubt, of the highest standards. 



Gianpaolo sees innovation, hygiene and high quality ingredients as the main forces behind Giapo. With a keen eye for detail and by pairing inventiveness with passion, Giapo creates the finest artisan ice cream and showcases New Zealand’s food heritage at the same time.


All flavors are made fresh everyday, and almost all ingredients they use are organic and from local produce. They also have sorbets - and a vegan option, Siamu popo, which is coconut milk based. Taste tests are offered at the counter, so if its your first time, don’t fret! 

Do you see how creative and one of a kind Giapo is? Foie Gras, sheep yoghurt, Bergamot….Truly, the possibilities are endless! 


Giapo is the very first dessert I tried I tried in NZ. I must say that it gave me a very good impression of the country’s food culture haha! Doesn’t it look fantastic?! A macaron and a profiterole on an ice cream? You can imagine the look on my face. 

[ L-R ; Tiramisu, Pistachio-green tea ] 


All flavours come with special garnishes, toppings and pastry. 

[ Kiss kiss ;Chocolate and Hazelnut ] 


I always get a scoop of salty caramel and green tea, (because obviously i love anything with caramel) - and I think the matcha’s distinct flavor complements and counters and sweetness of the dessert. To be honest I never really liked green tea, and I never understood why people liked green tea frappes and kitkats- but theres just something about how the chocolate from the cone mixes with the flavor and its like….magic. 



I’ll give you one good reason to splurge on ice cream: Giapo.

From the moment I first tried their ice cream, i knew we would be best friends. haha! Whether you’re a tourist or resident, make sure to give them a visit when you’re in town, so you too can experience the pure aotearoa organic goodness Giapo has to offer. 

Location: 267-287 Queen Street, Auckland 1010
09-550 3677

Posted on April 27, 2014 by Nina ♥